Configuring ViciDial for QueueMetrics

ViciDial, a widely-used outbound dialer and campaign manager, can be configured to write its call activity logs directly to the QueueMetrics call database.

In ViciDial, this can be enabled as follows (Go to "System Settings"):
  • Enable QueueMetrics logging: 1
  • QueueMetrics server IP / DB name / DB login / DB password: These values are for the MySQL server that holds the QM database
  • QueueMetrics URL: enter a fully qualified URL of your QM system, e.g. http://qmserver:8080/queuemetrics
  • QueueMetrics LogID: this is the name of the QM partition ViciDial will write to. E.g. P001, or VIC.
  • QueueMetrics EnterQueue Prepend: you can use this switch to prepend the campaign-id to the caller-id so you can run a breakndown using QM's are analysis. In most cases just leave that to NONE.
This should be it. Now create the campaigns in QM and make sure you're using the chosen LogID as the partition (e.g. if your log-id is VIC, you should enter sql:VIC as the file name).

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