Help! QueueMetrics reports shows no data at all!

If you have activity in Asterisk but your QueueMetrics reports show no data at all - no calls processed, no agent sessions, you should check the following possible causes:
  • The qloaderd is not working
    If you have set up QueueMetrics to use the SQL storage model, you need to make sure that the loader process on the Asterisk box is actually sending data to the QueueMetrics database. This can be easily checked by looking at the Licence page (where the storage model will be displayed) and if it is correct, by clicking on the Mysql storage information where you will see a growing number of lines in the selected partition if there is Asterisk activity and the loader is actually working.
  • You are reporting from the wrong partition
    Check on the licence page for the storage model and the partition being currently in use. If the partition code is different, no data will be found.
  • You are asking for the wrong queue
    The queue identifier that appears in QueueMetrics must match exactly, letter by letter, the one that appears as the queue name in Asterisk. If this is not so, the queue will not be displayed.

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