Figures do not match when running hourly versus daily reports

Imagine you run a report for Aug 25th, queue A, between 7 and 8 - it says there are 150 answered calls.
You run it again, between 7 and 13 and look at the hourly statistics - now it says there are 154 answered calls between 7 and 8.
What happened? that's simple - between 7 and 8, some calls were queued but not yet answered - so you are going to find them, but on the "Lost" page and with status "Ongoing".
You run the report again between 7 and 9, and now you see that the call was answered - because it was answered after 8 am.

If you run a report between 7 and 8, QM only sees data that cam between 7 and 8 - not what happened before of afterwards. It's like being at 8am and asking for future data. If you want to see what happened when you have a full day of data, run a report for a full day and look at the hourly breakdowns.

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