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Why aren't all reports showing up in my copy of QM?

If you updtate to a new version of QueueMetrics that includes new reports, or have new reports custom-developed for you and update your system, you will notice that they will NOT appear after upgrading QM with the old database. This is because the definitions for your existing reports do not include the new blocks that were just created.

In order to add the new blocks, do the following:
  • With an admin user, select Edit QueueMetrics settings -> Edit reports
  • Click on a report, e.g. "All Reports"
  • Choose a screen to ad dyour new report to
  • When the list of times for the screen is visible, click on "Create new"
On the "add record page" enter:
  • A title and (optionally) a subtitle for the new report
  • From "Data Blocks", select the new report block - you should have been given a short code like e.g. UN18 so it is easy to select in from the drop-down box
  • Decide whether the new report should be visible in the "All reports" page
After saving, if you try running the report and select the chosen page, the new block will appear.

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