QueueMetrics-Live Agent Panel: enable your working force to focus on their work, leave the tracking stuff at our software

Icon, our Agent Panel is the perfect companion for your working force.

The QueueMetrics-Live Agent Panel is the perfect tool to let your working force focus on their real mission, leaving the tracking stuff at our software. At the end of every call the agent will be able to flag the outcome genereated (a sale or a successful support for instance ).

The panel will also activate the agents' work providing some useful tool like:

  • Inbound Queue: Agents can join specific queues and start to receive phone calls.
  • Outbound queue: Agents can join outbound queue (you may need Wombat Dialer) and start receiving calls from your automated outbound dialer.
  • Outcome Tracker: Dinamically every Agent can flag the outcome of a call with customizzable tag ("sale","request of info") giving at your analyst all data required for further analysis.
  • Working Day Management: start of the working shift, pause, end of working shift
Wallboard Screenshot

This Tutorial can give you an idea about the flexibility of Icon, our Agent Panel.

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