QueueMetrics-Live Technical Support Services

Available Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm CET


Follow the steps and get started with QueueMetrics-Live.

E-Mail Support

Write us at support@queuemetrics-live.com for any question.

Remote Support

Purchase support hours, and get remote support via TeamViewer or SSH.


Contact us at +41 91 63 09 765

Technical Support Resources

Remote Support Notes:

  • Each Remote Support pack is valid for the entire duration of your license.
    Upon purchasing a Support Pack, you will receive the unique Incident Code. Does NOT include configuration of Asterisk PBX or other non-Loway system.
    Install TeamViewer 11 and grant root SSH access to the involved servers in order to facilitate support delivery.
  • If the incident was addressed in a later build of the software, the customer will still be charged for the support.
  • If the incident turns out to be a defect in our software and the support engineer is unable to find a solution, the customer will not be charged and will receive a new Incident Code.
  • Free Phone Customer Support not available.
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