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The QueueMetrics Live Partner Program

QueueMetrics is a contact-centre monitoring and reporting suite that tracks everything in an Asterisk based call-center including targets, conversion rates and agents activities, with a wide range of different historical and real-time professional reports and statistics.

Used by thousands of contact-centers worldwide, QueueMetrics represents a smart opportunity for resellers to complete their portfolio and increase their customer base.

QueueMetrics is used not only by "pure-player" contact centres, but is also very useful and easy to use for SMBs who run telephone services and want to monitor them. In the end, if you pay someone each and every month to answer the phone, you need to understand what is happening.

What can QueueMetrics Live do for you?

In addition to the benefits of our QueueMetrics product, QueueMetrics Live offers telephony providers a set of features that are meant to make it easy to deploy it on some or all of your existing customers:

Who needs QueueMetrics Live?

Do you provide hosted PBX systems ?

As a hosted PBX provider, you could easily add QueueMetrics Live to the VMs that customers run, and activate the service for customers who want it for the period they want it. It runs on your own domain name and shows your logo for a seamless integration with your web services.

You have a billing model that matches your own billing cycle, and can offer an additional service to customers who will benefit from it.

Do you install PBXs for your customers at their premises?

As a managed telephony provider, you can provide QueueMetrics Live served from a local data center, so you get quick response times with no need to install a local server for reporting. We support GDPR for your European customers.

If your customers' needs grow with time, you can move them to a local QueueMetrics server.

Do you develop appliances that customer install at their premises?

For Appliance Developers, our service is fully autonomous - even if your appliance has very little computing power, all reporting and monitoring runs on the cloud. Data upload is very safe and takes negligible resources, so there is no data loss even if local internet connectivity at the customer' site is very bad. We support all major Linux architectures.

You can set up a self-service trial mode, and enjoy a significant recurring revenue stream on top of your one-off PBX sales.

Do you run a large scale telephony service?

We are able to integrate even custom-built large-scale telephony systems based on different PBX engines, and have integration blueprints for most common solutions. Custom storage recordings? Configuration data in your customer portal? No problem.

You will appreciate fully automated provisioning and monitoring, as well as a billing model that fits naturally with your existing billing.

Are you ready to move to QueueMetrics Live?

If you would like to know more about how QueueMetrics Live can become a competitive advantage for you and your customers, please fill in the contact form below:

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