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Contact-center business needs flexibility and cost management. Our call-center solutions are developed with that target in mind. Whatever your company needs may be, Loway has the right solution to improve your business and monitor everything in your Asterisk call-center.

Our engineers work to design a pool of outbound-inbound call-center suites that meets the unique business requirements of worldwide contact-center professionals. You never have to worry about upgrades, backups, administration costs and maintenance with our hosted call center solution.

Discover what QueueMetrics can offer to your business:

QueueMetrics Logo QueueMetrics Live Logo
view the live status of queues and outbound campaigns
track live calls
view and manage agents
push messages to agents
set live alarms
Agents management
agent's page
agents manage their lifecycle
agents handle calls (screen pops)
agents manage their stats
WebRTC softphone included
over 150 graphs and metrics
powerful drill-down filters
completely configurable
extensive call details
audio recordings and metadata
quality tracking
flexible call scoring forms
extensive quality statistics
find efficient sets of calls to be scored (Grader's page)
quality performance tracking of the life-cycle of your agents
tasks system for agents feedback
Micro-CRM to associate info to calls
strong security model
support for agent hot-desking
localized to 16 languages
extensive manuals and support
license includes software updates
delivered via the cloud
no need to buy, maintain or upgrade hardware
pay only for what you use each month
support multiple contact-centers, including at-home agents
automatically updated to the latest version
free mail customer support
support for very large and clustered call-centers
nightly backups
no system administration costs
simple and transparent pricing
1 year of live data retention included

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