Create your QueueMetrics-Live Instace, First Month is Free

For every new customer there is a free trial of one month during which you can decide if recede. After 1 month you will start to pay according to the payment plan you will have created below. Simply create your recurring payment and complete the subscription on PayPal. We will charge you only after the first month.

If you are a Yeastar user you should purchase QueueMetrics-Live directly from Yeastar.

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Price per Agent / Month:
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Attention: On all orders from Switzerland and Liechtenstein we have to apply 8% VAT. Please contact to have your order manually processed.
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At the end of the PayPal process you will be redirected to our site to send us all required data to process your request.
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Try & Buy Queuemetrics-Live Now!

QueueMetrics-Live is licensed by number of agents per month.
The minimum number of agent is 5 and the recurring payment must be at least of 90 CHF (more or less 90 US $).

New customers can benefit of 1 month of free trial (during which you can decide if recede) and free installation support with one of our engeeners to connect QueueMetrics-Live to your Asterisk PBX.

The service includes:

  • One free month for all new subscriptions
  • Nightly backups
  • Data retention (last 360 days = 1 year)
  • Automatic updates
  • E-mail support
  • Solid Uptime Garanteed: 99%
  • Deployement in one of our Datacenter: North America (NY), Europe (Germany , Nuremberg) or South Africa.

You can use the configurator to create the license more suitable for your needs. All payments will be made through PayPal.

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