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Analytics and Stats fo Asterisk

Why QueueMetrics-Live ?

pad displaying a the SLA chart , 1 of the 83 table / chart of QueueMetrics-Live

More than 200 Metrics

Investigate your business with more than 200 Metrics regrouped in 83 tables / charts.

laptop displaying a wallboard of QueueMetrics-Live

Customizable Wallboards

Easily create all the dashboards and wallboards you need. Share information with your team in real time or simply design the perfect dashboard to keep everything under control at a glance.

Screenshot of Icon, the Agent Panel of QueueMetrics-Live

Agent Panel & Outcome Tracker

Give to your agents the perfect tool for their work. Icon, our agent panel is the perfect companion for your working force and will enable your agents to focus on their work, leaving the tracking stuff to our software.

Moreover from the agent panel your agents will be able to flag the outcome of every call (sales, successful support,etc)..

Simply use a pair of Headset and save the cost of VoipPhones

Embedded Softphones

QueueMetrics-Live includes a Softphone for each of your Agents. Our Softphones are based on JsSIP, the same library used by FreePBX. Save the cost of the voip phones and connect your agents directly with a pair of headphones. Discover all the advantages of using softphones in your company.
Cloud means Zero-Hassle

Cloud Based for a Zero-Hassle Experience

QueueMetrics-Live is delivered via the cloud as software as a service (SaaS). No need to buy, maintain or upgrade hardware and you will pay only for what you use each month. Additionally you will be able to support multiple contact-centers (cluster mode), including at-home agents, anywhere in the world.

QueueMetrics-Live is easy and fast to install. In 5 minutes you can start to track any activity in your call center.

5 Minutes Installation

In 5 minutes you will have set our suite to track all activities in your call center and you will be able to finally measure your business and agents.

What Our Customers Say

We choose Loway products because they have proven over time to be reliable, efficient and cost effective. Their solutions are world class.
Kayode Akintunde
TheCodec Systems Limited, Nigeria
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